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Is such a thing possible? The individual experience of who you are has its basis on the boundaries of your sensation. Whatever is within these boundaries is you, and whatever is outside is not you – this is your experience of life. For example, once you drink a glass of water, you experience the water as you. Everything that makes up your body right now was somewhere outside as food or water. Once you put this into the boundaries of your sensation, you experience it as “myself.”

At any moment in your life, if you have known an extreme sense of joy or ecstasy, if you had placed your hands about eight or nine inches over your body, you would have felt the sensation of touching the body. Similarly, it is a medical fact that even when a physical leg is amputated, the sensory leg is still intact.

If you make your life energies very exuberant and ecstatic, your sensory body becomes as large as you want it. Yoga is to expand the boundary of your sensation in such a way that you experience the whole universe as a part of yourself.

Everything becomes one. That is YOGA.

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Yoga+ 泛瑜伽的編輯團隊,主要由具備瑜伽基礎專業工作者所組成,分工負責專欄建構與維護、 社群平台等等的內文撰寫。 是很辛苦又開心的工作,請給我們掌聲鼓勵鼓勵。

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Yoga+ 編輯團隊

Yoga+ 泛瑜伽的編輯團隊,主要由具備瑜伽基礎專業工作者所組成,分工負責專欄建構與維護、 社群平台等等的內文撰寫。 是很辛苦又開心的工作,請給我們掌聲鼓勵鼓勵。

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